Learning Japanese For Busy People Is Quite Easy

Learning Japanese – An Easy Task?

Come to think of it, the chances of surviving in any business in the modern world is extremely difficult, unless individuals belonging to different countries visit other countries to promote their business. This should not pose any problems in most Asian countries where the majority of the population understands and speaks English quite well.

However, things are quite different as far as Japan is concerned. This country is one of the leaders in the world as far as electronic gadgets are concerned.

If someone wants to do business with the Japanese, then they have to learn Kanji, the official language of that country. However, this might not be so easy, especially for executives who have an extremely tight schedule and hardly have any time to spare. Learning Japanese for busy people like them might seem like a difficult task. However, there is no reason for you to give up hope, especially if you are an executive, scheduled to visit Japan in the near future and want to learn the language of that country.

There are many ways of learning Japanese for busy people. One can opt for tailor made language learning CDs that will help you learn and memorize important words and phrases before teaching you how to combine them to form complex sentences. You can also opt for illustrated books, but the CDs are a much better option for learning Japanese for busy people, since users can also hear the pronunciation of the Japanese words and listen to the lessons even when their hands are occupied with another task.

If you are living in Singapore, the best place for you to learn the Japanese language is through this website: www.beyondlanguageschool.sg

おすすめのドラマ( osusume no drama )

☆ おすすめのドラマ( osusume no drama )
最近「とんび(a kite)」というドラマを見ています。このドラマは家族の話です。
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桜の見頃 Best time to see






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Going Beyond Language: Japanese Language Courses For Adults In Singapore

Going Beyond Language: Japanese Language Courses For Adults In Singapore

For a unique and exciting learning experience whilst acquiring a new skill, the Japanese Language Courses for Adults at the Beyond Japanese Language School in Singapore are the perfect choice. With their friendly, native speaking teachers and a prominent focus on using day-to-day conversation in a realistic and culture-specific setting, language is viewed by this establishment as more than just a necessary social tool.

Whether your intentions are to learn Japanese for a fundamental understanding of the language, to perfect previously established linguistic knowledge, or just simply for the fun factor involved, the Beyond Language School offers a wide variety of new and inspiring courses that are accessible to all ages. Ranging from introductory lessons in the basic language skills through to more substantially advanced and in-depth learning, this well established school provides an interactive and effective teaching approach that not only equips you with the necessary techniques needed to speak Japanese, but immerses you in the Japanese way of life.

Using various successful teaching methods and language-based activities to further enhance learning and make the classroom a less formidable place, the Japanese Language Courses for Adults at the Beyond Language School in Singapore are sure to keep you enthralled and will soon have you speaking confidently and coherently in Japanese.

Beyond Language School – Korean Language For Adults

Beyond Language School – Korean Language For Adults

If you are looking for Korean Language Courses for Adults, maybe this will help you. Beyond Language School can help you learn Korean. The school will teach you how to read, listen, and type the language and will emphasize on conversation.
The teaching materials that will be used are textbooks and supplementary materials. The teachers are native speakers and certified by the Ministry of Education so you are getting the best instructions for your learning benefit.

Some of the Korean Language Courses available at the school are: basic, intermediate, pre-advanced, advanced 1 & 2, and advanced conversation. The basic course’s objective is survival Korean. In this course you will learn situational conversations such as ordering at restaurants. The intermediate’s objective is to learn dialogues based on everyday situations.

The pre-advanced objectives are key expression in communicative contexts using the language in many different settings. The advanced 1 & 2 courses’ objectives are higher Korean content for situations that are complicated such as comparing merits and demerits. Last but not least is the advanced conversation course. This course’s objective is conversation practice such as talking about the news.

So if you are a just starting to learn Korean or are advanced in the language but still need practice speaking it, you should look up Beyond Language School.

Japanese Language School

Japanese Language School – Welcome to Beyond Language School, one of Singapore’s Leading Language Schools in Singapore.



Tips On Choosing A School To Learn Japanese In Singapore

Tips On Choosing A School To Learn Japanese In Singapore

When it comes to finding the right school to learn Japanese in Singapore, there are a number of things you should consider. It’s true that you must have heard people talk about a particular school in glowing terms. It could be that is the only school they know, or in fact, the best school. You want to gather relevant data that can help you make the right choice of an institution for Japanese lessons for yourself or your kid. You should note that learning Japanese in Singapore will be more challenging as the language is not widely spoken in the country and few people actually speak it.

If you take time to do some research, you’ll be able to locate the best language center offering Japanese classes in Singapore. It is important to find out if the center offers courses for kids, especially if you are enrolling a child for the course. You should build a list of the centers in Singapore that offer Japanese classes.

Visit the schools you think are most suitable for you; the environment is very important when it comes to learning a new language, and you want to make sure that the center or the school has the tools you’ll need to learn the language easily. Also talk to the staff to ensure that the people are friendly. This is a very important factor in the learning process.

The cost of learning the language in a center is one of the factors you should consider. You want to make sure that you are paying well for quality education. It is also important to think about the experience of the teacher you want to hire for the classes. Reputable Language Centers will not just hire anyone because he or she speaks Japanese, they will go for those with teaching experience in the language and those who are trained as Japanese language teachers. Make sure you check the teacher’s certificate if you are hiring a freelancer. If you are mindful of the above factors, then you’ll definitely make the best pick for a Japanese language teacher.


Japanese Language School in Singapore

Japanese Language School Singapore – Are you looking for high quality, fun, effective learning? Look no further. Beyond Language School is a young and vibrant Japanese Language School in Singapore.

Japanese Language Courses are available here with a plethora of options available for all age groups. Whether you are considering a course for fun, for enrichment or simply to improve your language skillsets, you will find a pleasant experience taught by sincere and helpful native teachers with a wealth of teaching experiences.

Learn Japanese in Singapore - Learning Japanese in Singapore is an enjoyable experience when you find yourself in a school of good and established reputation. Here at Beyond Language School, we strive to bring you a top grade curriculum and the latest methods of teaching including drama, social media, fun activities like cooking, dress up and many more.

At Beyond Language School, we believe in Inspiring Learning – Captivating, Fun and Passionate. We certainly hope to partner with you to make your learning journey a fun and memorable one.

Beyond Language School

Japanese Language Courses For Children

Japanese Language Courses For Children

There are a number of opportunities for exploration of Japanese language courses for children. Each course is specifically designed to meet a child’s learning needs and objectives through use of textbooks that are designed in-house, and courses that are created to last between thirty-six and seventy-two hours. In other cases, such as when preschool classes are taught, worksheets are handed out instead of textbooks.

The objectives of each course are as follows:
Kids 1: adjectives, Hiragana, nounsKids 2: adjectives, Katakana, nouns
Kids 3: adjectives, Kanji, nouns, verbs
Kids 4: summarizes and reviews lessons learned throughout Kids 1-3
Kids Intermediate: conjugating adjectives and verbs, forming simple functioning expressions
Kids advanced: conjugating adjectives and verbs, formation of functional expressions, asking permissions, and making requests
Kids pre-school: audio visual materials and songs are used to teach active listening and pronunciation.

Each course is segregated into terms so children are able to absorb all of the information before moving on to the next. Each term consists of twelve lessons and each class meets once per week. When the term is complete, the student would have successfully completed eighteen hours of course work. There is also an opportunity to participate in an academic preparatory class that is three hours long and split up into twelve lessons.

This learning program is set up to harness a child’s interest in learning Japanese. These Japanese language courses for children branch out far beyond that of a conventional school’s language program by keeping students engaged, thoroughly educated, and entertained. The fun lessons introduce the child to the language in a way that is understandable and helps the student reach their educational goals. The stepping stones toward success are easily reached because students will receive education on a weekly basis, and they will have time to study materials in between sessions.


Learn Korean the Fun and Enjoyable Way in Singapore

Many people wonder if it is possible to learn Korean language in Singapore. It is very possible since all one needs to do is to enroll for Korean language classes and start learning the language. People who want to travel to Korea for fun or for job purposes can really benefit if they learn this language. This is because rather than experiencing hard times in their stay in this country, they will experience exciting moments since it will be easy to communicate with the natives of this land.

Here at Beyond Language School, we offer Korean language classes in Singapore, teaching people from all age groups. It is not necessary for one to be young in order to learn the Korean language. As an adult, one can enroll in Korean language for adults classes. Therefore, adults who want to learn this language are not restricted since there are chances for that.

There are several things that should be done by individuals who are willing to undertake Korean language classes in order to learn the language in an enjoyable way. To start with, one should select a good Korean language school. In an ideal school, students are taught a combination of written and spoken Korean in addition to Korean grammar rules. This allows students to easily understand the language and enjoy the learning sessions.

The next step a student should take to enable him or her learn Korean language in Singapore in a successful manner is to choose a course that best meets his or her needs. It should be noted that some courses are very formal while others aim at teaching Korean for travel purposes. Therefore, it is advisable for one to select an ideal course. For instance, a student whose aim of learning the language is to travel and have fun can choose a course that meets travel needs.

After enrolling in a good school and choosing the appropriate course, a student needs to practice speaking the language. After classes, it is important for a student to join a study group which will give him or her the chance to practice pronunciation of Korean words. Another way through which a student can familiarize him/herself with the language is by watching Korean movies and television programs with subtitles. In this way, a student will be in a position to observe how native Koreans pronounce words.