Tips On Choosing A School To Learn Japanese In Singapore

Tips On Choosing A School To Learn Japanese In Singapore

When it comes to finding the right school to learn Japanese in Singapore, there are a number of things you should consider. It’s true that you must have heard people talk about a particular school in glowing terms. It could be that is the only school they know, or in fact, the best school. You want to gather relevant data that can help you make the right choice of an institution for Japanese lessons for yourself or your kid. You should note that learning Japanese in Singapore will be more challenging as the language is not widely spoken in the country and few people actually speak it.

If you take time to do some research, you’ll be able to locate the best language center offering Japanese classes in Singapore. It is important to find out if the center offers courses for kids, especially if you are enrolling a child for the course. You should build a list of the centers in Singapore that offer Japanese classes.

Visit the schools you think are most suitable for you; the environment is very important when it comes to learning a new language, and you want to make sure that the center or the school has the tools you’ll need to learn the language easily. Also talk to the staff to ensure that the people are friendly. This is a very important factor in the learning process.

The cost of learning the language in a center is one of the factors you should consider. You want to make sure that you are paying well for quality education. It is also important to think about the experience of the teacher you want to hire for the classes. Reputable Language Centers will not just hire anyone because he or she speaks Japanese, they will go for those with teaching experience in the language and those who are trained as Japanese language teachers. Make sure you check the teacher’s certificate if you are hiring a freelancer. If you are mindful of the above factors, then you’ll definitely make the best pick for a Japanese language teacher.


Japanese Language Courses For Children

Japanese Language Courses For Children

There are a number of opportunities for exploration of Japanese language courses for children. Each course is specifically designed to meet a child’s learning needs and objectives through use of textbooks that are designed in-house, and courses that are created to last between thirty-six and seventy-two hours. In other cases, such as when preschool classes are taught, worksheets are handed out instead of textbooks.

The objectives of each course are as follows:
Kids 1: adjectives, Hiragana, nounsKids 2: adjectives, Katakana, nouns
Kids 3: adjectives, Kanji, nouns, verbs
Kids 4: summarizes and reviews lessons learned throughout Kids 1-3
Kids Intermediate: conjugating adjectives and verbs, forming simple functioning expressions
Kids advanced: conjugating adjectives and verbs, formation of functional expressions, asking permissions, and making requests
Kids pre-school: audio visual materials and songs are used to teach active listening and pronunciation.

Each course is segregated into terms so children are able to absorb all of the information before moving on to the next. Each term consists of twelve lessons and each class meets once per week. When the term is complete, the student would have successfully completed eighteen hours of course work. There is also an opportunity to participate in an academic preparatory class that is three hours long and split up into twelve lessons.

This learning program is set up to harness a child’s interest in learning Japanese. These Japanese language courses for children branch out far beyond that of a conventional school’s language program by keeping students engaged, thoroughly educated, and entertained. The fun lessons introduce the child to the language in a way that is understandable and helps the student reach their educational goals. The stepping stones toward success are easily reached because students will receive education on a weekly basis, and they will have time to study materials in between sessions.


Japanese School for Children in Singapore

Looking for the Best Japanese School for Children in Singapore?

Beyond Language School has been a key leader in providing Japanese lessons for children. Learning Japanese is no longer just for adults but also for kids.

What’s the secret ingredient required for a Great Japanese School for Children, our next generation? Passionate Teachers with a heart to teach, excellent materials and fun programs!

Kids here have great fun learning through Food, Songs, Videos, Skits and Dramas you can also learn the characters used to write Japanese. They learn to have conversations with one another.

Feedback from both the parents and their children who attended has been very good, many of whom recommended their friends and relatives.

Learn Japanese For Children – Japanese For Kids? Absolutely!

Learning Japanese for Children – An interesting journey.

One may wonder – Why should children Learn Japanese? Our country has many ties with Japan, our education has many exchange programs with Japan. Japan’s unique language and culture is often one that fills many hearts and minds with awe and a sense of mystery. Once children learn some Japanese before they decide to study the language more formally, they will have an excellent basis on which to build and this will almost give them a guaranteed head-start!

Beyond Language School is well-known as one of the top programs to learn the Japanese language in Singapore. Young, energetic and vibrant, creative and interesting – these characteristics of Beyond’s Japanese classes make them stand strongly among the rest.

Check out the events and photos section in this site, and you’ll find many creative and ‘happening’ things that makes children leave Beyond Language School smiling all the way home.