How To Pick A Good Japanese Language School

The best way to pick a good Japanese language school for yourself is to go and sit in, or at least observe a couple of schools that run Japanese Language courses and then decide for yourself which school is best suited for you. Each Japanese language school has its strengths and weaknesses, and each is likely to be more suitable for a specific type of learning method. There are several Japanese language schools in Singapore, including the ones that are non-profit but have large classes, such as those conducted by Japanese Cultural Society. While larger Japanese schools tend to have fairly large class sizes, a few, such as Bunka Language, do offer smaller sized classes. Class size matters because teacher-student ratio has a direct impact on instructor-student interaction and attention.

At the lower end of the size spectrum are the smaller “boutique” language schools that design their curriculum to suit small classroom teaching, the rationale being that students will be able to receive more personalized attention in the course of acquiring the language. Beyond Language School is one such example.

As mentioned, the most effective way to evaluate a Japanese language school is to really sit in for one or two of its classes. That of course requires time and patience, perhaps even money because some schools do not allow you to sit in for free. Beyond Language School is one school that allows anyone who is interested to sit in and observe its classroom activities before making a decision. Compared with other centres, Beyond Language School is a relatively “young” Japanese language school, but with youth comes modernity and vibrancy. Its syllabus is designed for students to learn Japanese the fun way, and its primary focus is on conversational Japanese. Beyond Language School prides itself as a school that adds a personal touch to your Japanese learning experience.

If conversational Japanese is not your desire and you are of the more studious nature with fast-tracked learning, then perhaps Bunka Language, which focuses on grammar and vocabulary, along with conversational Japanese, may be more suited for you. This Japanese language school embraces the more formal method of learning and boasts its own patented textbook which it uses to teach Japanese in a methodical and effective manner. Being around for over 25 years – 26 to be exact – Bunka Language has gained a reputation as an excellent school for learning Japanese and for consistently delivering on its promise that Bunka method is the fastest way to learn the Japanese language.

If language schools are not your cup of tea and you want an even more effective way of learning the Japanese language, then you might want to consider moving to Japan and finding a native partner! This is by far the fastest way to learn Japanese as you are immersed in the culture and speak the language with your closest friend on a daily basis. Finding a job and socialising with the locals would also force you to use the language while constant interaction allows you to experience the culture of Japan firsthand.

About Beyond Language School Singapore

Beyond Language School in Bugis Area (Singapore) is a Young and Vibrant Japanese & Korean Language School in Singapore.

We specialise in :
~ Being a Conversational School
~ Emphasis of Learning in a Relaxing Environment
~ Using Fun and Customised Teaching Materials
~ Having a Unique Teaching Methodology - Fun. Engaging. Enjoyable Learning Experience for All Ages

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