Learn Japanese..the Fun way..!

Our regular Japanese Language course is split into 5 levels: Basic, Intermediate, Pre-Advanced, Advanced and Further Advanced.

These courses are available as once or twice a week PART-TIME classes and INTENSIVE Monday to Friday daytime classes.




Starting from the Basic level, we focus on the very fundamentals of the language and promote well rounded development in the aspects of reading, writing, listening and speaking in its native form. The textbooks used are Minna no Nihongo 1 and 2 . Completion of the level is equivalent to JLPT4/N5


At the Intermediate level, we focus more on grammar and will touch on the various forms, including: Transitive and Intransitive verbs, Volitional form, Imperative and Prohibitive forms, Conditional form, Passive Voice, Causative verbs, Honourific and Humble expressions. The textbooks used are Minna no Nihongo 3 and 4. Completion of the level is equivalent to JLPT3/N4.


The Pre-Advanced level continues to build on the Intermediate level by reinforcing the grammar forms previously learnt while adding new content in the form of practical-use conversation, role-plays and topical discussions. The textbooks used here are Shin Nihongo no Chuukyuu 1 and 2.


The Advanced level will focus on listening skills, reading and comprehension of passages and cover higher level grammar present in the JLPT2/N2 standard. Upon completion of this level, 70-80% of the JLPT2/N2 grammar will have been covered. The textbook used here is Chuukyuu kara Manabu.


The Further Advanced level is a continuation of the Advanced level and further expands on vocabulary. Reading of statistics will also be covered in this level. For this level Jyoukyuu de Manabu is used.