Learn Japanese For Children – Japanese For Kids? Absolutely!

Learning Japanese for Children – An interesting journey.

One may wonder – Why should children Learn Japanese? Our country has many ties with Japan, our education has many exchange programs with Japan. Japan’s unique language and culture is often one that fills many hearts and minds with awe and a sense of mystery. Once children learn some Japanese before they decide to study the language more formally, they will have an excellent basis on which to build and this will almost give them a guaranteed head-start!

Beyond Language School is well-known as one of the top programs to learn the Japanese language in Singapore. Young, energetic and vibrant, creative and interesting – these characteristics of Beyond’s Japanese classes make them stand strongly among the rest.

Check out the events and photos section in this site, and you’ll find many creative and ‘happening’ things that makes children leave Beyond Language School smiling all the way home.

About Beyond Language School Singapore

Beyond Language School in Bugis Area (Singapore) is a Young and Vibrant Japanese & Korean Language School in Singapore.

We specialise in :
~ Being a Conversational School
~ Emphasis of Learning in a Relaxing Environment
~ Using Fun and Customised Teaching Materials
~ Having a Unique Teaching Methodology

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