Why Are We Different

1. Emphasis on conversation

We provide a well-rounded approach which includes reading, listening, typing (instead of writing) with heavy emphasis on conversation. Lesson is structured such that interaction, practice and role-playing form the main part of each lesson.

2. Teaching material

Besides using standard textbooks, supplementary materials are specially designed to provide more realistic situational practice.

3. Native teachers

All our teachers are native speakers of Japanese and certified by the Ministry of Education.

4. 2-way approach

Students are encouraged to question and suggest topics of discussion so that lessons are more dynamic and interesting.

5. New generation school

We use up-to-date audio visual materials to enhance the important point of each lesson. We also listen to students’ feedback and assist students to achieve their objective in learning Japanese.

6. Unique courses

We offer practical and interesting short courses and practice sessions so that students can enjoy a wide variety of courses instead of the standard structured courses.

7. Small class size

The maximum number of students per class is 10 students. This will allow for more interaction between students and teachers.

8. Vibrant active school

We hold regular cultural events and activities to bring together our students and teachers to teach them more about Japanese culture.

To learn more about Beyond Language School, click on Beyond Language Information Brochure to download our PDF.